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Focal Plug and Play Component Speaker

  • Brand – Focal Auditor
  • Model No. – RSE-165
  • Type – 2-Way Component Speakers
  • Size – 6.5″
  • Max Power Output – 120W
  • Nominal Power Output – 60W RMS

$24.00 $30.00

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You’re ready: to do away with unbearable factory sound and to gain a totally authentic experience listening to music in the car. With Focal’s Universal Integration Series speakers installed in your car, a new era has begun — one in which it’s easy to enjoy every moment of your drive. Focal provides such a dramatic boost in sound quality by applying much of the same technology in these car speakers that they use in their studio and audiophile-grade home systems. —————– Focal’s ISU 165 6-1/2″ component speaker system employs a polyglass woofer cone to give you a warm, natural sound with enhanced strength for accurate playback with no added resonances. An integrated phase plug in the woofer improves sound dispersion for a better audio experience, no matter where you’re sitting in the car. An aluminum/magnesium inverted dome tweeter, backed by an in-line crossover, delivers astonishing detail in the high range and integrates an acoustic horn design for an improved soundstage across your dash. Focal also gives you two mounting options for a smoother installation. —————– Planning to drive these speakers off a head unit? No problem. They’re designed to take advantage of every bit of power supplied to give you the best audio quality possible. However, Focal’s famous sound soars when powered by an aftermarket amp!

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